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Affiliate Marketing Program

Dry Clean Sign 255X296We'll pay you sales commission for every Super Saver discount we sell that is from your website or your email campaign.  Planet Super Saver’s affiliate marketing program is a great opportunity to increase your businesses revenue.

All you need to do is place a link to Planet Super Saver website on your site or in any email campaign and your company will receive sales commission every time a visitor clicks on that link to our website and even more if they purchases one of our Super Saver discounts and especially if they select your location for a promotional offer!

Planet Super Saver discount cards are a perfect way for your new or existing customers to save on their auto care, dry cleaning, car washes and many other types of services.  We have hundreds of merchants nationwide in popular cities and also in many suburban / rural areas that often go unnoticed. 

Planet Super Saver affiliates have access to online reports detailing website traffic, sales and commission earned. Log into your account anytime to see how well our co-marketing efforts are working to increase your company’s revenue.  Our Account Managers are available to strategize with you anytime to develop an online plan in addition to our own marketing efforts for your business - and it’s all FREE.  All links will have a special tracking code to show visitors to our site that made a purchase and automatically credit your account.

Sign Up for our affiliate program today and start earning commission immediately!

Affiliate Program Commissions:

Join Now online or feel free to contact our affiliate sales team at 1-480-921-8282 or  We're happy to assist you!