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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact customer support?

Our Customer Support Team is available Monday-Friday from 8 am to 5 pm Arizona Mountain Time to assist you by phone, email or via our online live chat feature. We are closed on Saturday, Sunday and nationally observed holidays.


How do I use my DIGITAL COUPON (S) after I make a purchase?

Your Digital Purchase is available immediately for use - there is no waiting period. Either PRINT your voucher that is sent to you by email or bring your smartphone to the merchant location to redeem your purchase. You can print out one coupon for the service you are redeeming or all of them, as many times as you like. Once the coupon has been fulfilled by a merchant, it is no longer available to redeem and this is indicated on the coupon, as well as in your customer record of the purchase.


How do I use my Planet Super Saver PRINTED CARD to redeem my free and or discounted services? How do I renew my voucher?

After you receive your Planet Super Saver printed punch card, simply bring it to the merchant you selected and they will be happy to do up to 3 free or discounted service per visit on any card you purchase. Please note: for automotive services, specifically redemption of free oil changes, you will need to make an appointment at most locations and some honor the card on different days or times during the week to balance their customer service.


Is my Planet Super Saver card transferrable?

Yes. Unless otherwise stated for that particular location. Your Planet Super Saver card is valid on any vehicle in your household and can be used to redeem free or discounted services. The more times you use your card, the more you save!


How long is my Planet Super Saver AUTOMOTIVE card valid to redeem services?

Your AUTOMOTIVE card is valid for 1 full year from your date of purchase. On the back of your Planet Super Saver card and in your online account profile, you will see a date of purchase for each card you select.


I have a vehicle that uses synthetic oil or specialty oil; my vehicle uses more than 5 quarts of oil. Can I still use the free oil changes on this vehicle?

Yes. The value of the oil change (indicated on the card) will be applied as a credit towards the total cost of the upgraded oil. If your vehicle requires extra quarts of oil then there is an additional charge of $3- $5 per extra quart.


Are there any hidden costs or surcharges for my Planet Super Saver card?

Each merchant will assess the state sales tax (as applicable) for all free or discounted services at the retail value listed on the card or at the merchant location. For auto care cards, there is an oil disposal fee of $3 to $5 for each oil change. There are no other hidden costs or surcharges that you should be charged. If any merchant provider does not honor your card at the price listed, please immediately contact customer support.


I'm moving. How can I exchange my Planet Super Saver card for another merchant provider location?

Please contact support who will assist you. As long as we have a participating merchant provider in your new location, we will send a new card to you free of charge. To see if there is a merchant in your new location, please go to the homepage, enter your new zip code and you will see the closest available merchants. Please include your desired new location with any exchange request.


I've lost my Planet Super Saver card, how can I get it replaced?

Just click on the Replacing or Exchanging your Planet Super Saver card and fill out the request and we will get a new one sent out. Cards lost or misplaced after 90 days from the original date of purchase will incur a replacement fee of $15 unless the merchant provider participates in the online redemption program (services are logged and tracked in each customer and merchant online account profile).


I'm not happy with the service I received while using my Planet Super Saver card. Is there anywhere else I can go?

It is rare that we have a customer that is not thrilled with the services they receive at the merchant they select. However, if you're not 100% satisfied, we want to know! We suggest you first contact the service manager at the location you selected to see if they can make it right for you. If they are unable to resolve the issue to your satisfaction, please contact us and we will be happy to exchange your Planet Super Saver card for another merchant location in your area at no charge.


Can I get a refund on my Planet Super Saver card?

You can get a refund on any Planet Super Saver card you purchase within 3 calendar days of purchase provided that you have not redeemed any service or used your card. Please contact customer support to determine if you are eligible for a refund. Please click on return your super saver in the customer service drop down menu and submit your request. No refunds will be processed if the card has been used or the refund request is more than 3 days from the purchase date due to the special promotional limitations.


I ordered a Planet Super Saver card through an online deal site, such as Living Social, but have not received my card in the mail.

We use the United States Postal Service for all of our orders unless otherwise specified at the time of purchase. You will receive an email verifying your card was mailed, usually within 3-5 business days from the date of purchase. If you do not receive your card in the mail after 10 days, please contact