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Raise Funds & Make Profits!

 Planet Super Saver offers Fundraising Opportunities for your Organization!


 How it works…

We create a flyer and/or email for you to promote your fundraiser

  1. Customers will visit to pick an automotive location

  2. You can choose the promo code you would like customers to use (abbreviation of organization, etc.)

  3. Customers use the assigned promo code to receive their Super Saver for only $33 (this includes 3 oil changes, and more!)

  4. Each month we send you a monthly sales report and a check for 50% of the sales!

  5. There is no minimum or maximum number of sales needed

  6. You pick how long you would like to run your fundraiser to run

Let us help support your club, church, sports team, or any other organization!

 No investment

 To sum it up…

 You promote your fundraiser (we support you with flyers, email, & all you need for success)

So what are you waiting for? Let's help you  get your organization's fundraiser started today!


Kelsey Nordahl

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