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How to Redeem a Voucher / Activate Purchase

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If you purchased a deal on one of our affiliate partner deal websites like Livingsocial, DealFind, Deal Chicken, etc., you will need to redeem your voucher on the Planet Super Saver website in order to activate the card. Depending on the Merchant you selected, you will have the option to Print your card, have your card Mailed to you or go paperless using your Smartphone. Over the next few months, we will be moving toward Paperless Redemption which is our way of helping out the environment and making it much more convenient to use your discounts.

Note: Although our affiliate partners work directly with us to sell our discount cards on their websites, they are not part of Planet Super Saver, LLC or any of its subsidiaries.  Your purchase is directly through their website at which time you receive a voucher number for redemption and a link to our website.  Our affiliate partners are responsible to resolve any issues regarding payment; however, Planet Super Saver is responsible to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase, including the merchant you select.  Any refund requests must be processed directly with the deal website which your purchased your card as Planet Super Saver has no financial accounting for affiliate partner purchases.

Please watch the How to Redeem A Voucher / Activate Your Purchase video in the sidebar on the right for easy instructions on how  activate your card and get started saving!

Here are the steps you will use to redeem the voucher for your purchase with an affiliate partner:

  1. After purchasing a Super Saver card, the affiliate partner website will instruct you to follow a link to the Planet Super Saver website.
  2. Once at our site, you can either view the How to Redeem a Voucher Video or click on Redeem a Voucher on the homepage, in the Customer Support drop down menu or at the links at the footer of the website.
  3. You will be prompted to create an online account profile.  This is required as we track your email, mailing address and phone number for shipping.  The information on our website is encrypted and secure - we respect your privacy.  After creating an individual login and password, you can enter your voucher number and complete the process.
  4. The Redeem A Voucher process will bring you to our shopping cart menu and as you purchased your card on an affiliate site, it will list a zero balance but have the shipping address for your purchase confirmation.
  5. Once this process is completed, you are free to browse the website for other deals that are exclusive to our VIP customers.  You may now use your online account to view your purchases, get the best discounts available and track the usage of any card(s) you purchase from Planet Super Saver.
  6. If you have questions at any time in the process, please contact our Customer Support team who are happy to help!